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Chevrolet Build and Price: FAQs

Q: Can you order a car from the factory?

A: If you want to learn how to order a car from the factory, Ray Brandt Chevrolet can help! We offer tons of shopping tips and tricks to ensure you head home to Gulfport in a vehicle you love. To learn how to factory order a car, start by selecting your favorite model from our cars, SUVs, trucks, and EVs! From there, you’ll want to determine which trim is best for your budget and lifestyle. Next, you can select from front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive if available. After that, you can inject your personal style by choosing an interior and exterior color combination that matches your aesthetic. Finally, you can add any additional packages you like.

After you craft your ideal Chevy, you can request a quote, schedule an appointment to work directly with our team, or search our inventory to find a vehicle that matches your exact specs! Our financiers are standing by to help you put together a purchase plan to help you head home to Ocean Springs in the perfect Chevy.

Q: How long does a factory-ordered car take?

A: Depending on the specifics of your purchase, the car order lead time can vary. Some Chevrolet orders can be processed, received, built, shipped, and delivered in just 4-6 weeks. Other times, a more complicated build can take a bit longer. Once your order is placed, a member of our Biloxi team will be in touch to provide updates on the status of your order. If you’d like an estimate on how long your build will take, reach out to our team at your convenience!

Q: Is it cheaper to order a car from the factory? Can you negotiate the price of a factory-ordered car?

A: If you’re curious about how to negotiate a factory-ordered car, you can sit back and relax! Shopping for a car straight from the factory means you won’t have to negotiate! Does that mean it’s cheaper to order a car from the factory? It can be! The freedom involved in ordering a vehicle directly from Chevy means you can pay exactly what you want. By selecting the trim, features, and extras that suit your budget and Vancleave driving needs, you won’t have to overspend! This is a great option if the configurations in our showroom differ from what you can afford.