Service Financing

Service Financing with Ray Brandt Chevrolet!

We all know that life can throw curveballs from time to time. If you’re dealing with an unexpected automotive expense, you may be overwhelmed. You may even be tempted to delay car care until you save for the expense. While understandable, we advise against that line of thinking. Not only do we suggest handling service issues as they arise, but we also offer service financing to back things up. We make it affordable and easy to service now and pay later. Learn more about working with our service team so you can enjoy safe commutes from Gulfport to Ocean Springs below!

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Car Care

As mentioned above, car care isn’t always planned. However, that doesn’t mean you can always wait until you have the spare cash to cover your expenses. That’s why we offer service financing to make things manageable. The reasons you shouldn’t delay servicing your vehicle are serious and numerous. They include:

  • Safety: If you’ve ever felt unsafe behind the wheel, you should immediately have your vehicle inspected.
  • Protect Your Investment: Vehicles are expensive. When you care for your vehicle properly, you’ll get a great return on your investment with the sale price.
  • Performance: When the components of your vehicle fail, the performance of your vehicle suffers. That means a lackluster driving experience and wasted fuel on every Vancleave drive.

Service Your Vehicle in Biloxi

Now that you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in great shape, you can rely on Ray Brandt Chevrolet to get the job done. We offer great daily prices, service coupons, and service tips to help you along the way!

Service Financing: FAQs

Q: How long does an oil change take?

A: How long should an oil change take? Generally, most service centers will have your oil change finished in just about an hour. The same is true for the team here at Ray Brandt Chevrolet. So, you can easily schedule your oil change for your lunch break and be back at your computer on time! If you want to take on a DIY oil change, you can usually get the job done in about an hour, but that takes prep work.

First, you’ll need to gather the supplies. This includes an oil pan, wheel blocks, jack stands, the proper oil, and a fresh filter. You’ll also need a good bit of practice to get to the point where you can handle an oil change in an hour. Usually, it’s easier to let the pros at Ray Brandt Chevrolet handle the dirty work while you relax!

Q: How much does it cost for an oil change?

A: Answering “How much is an oil change?” depends on the type of oil your vehicle requires. Prices for oil changes near Biloxi range from $35 to $75. Low-end prices are for conventional oil in small quantities. On the higher end, you see prices for synthetic oil changes. What’s the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is more refined than conventional oil. Conventional oil has been used in combustion engines for generations, so it’s familiar to most. However, the extra refinement of synthetic oil delivers enhanced properties. This includes cleaning, higher performance, and a longer lifespan. The benefits of synthetic oil justify the added expense. If you drive a high-performance vehicle, chances are you require synthetic oil. But, you can consult with our team if you’re unsure!